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Military is a character in the Rise of the Robots fighting game series. He is the fourth enemy encountered in the game.


  • Rise of the Robots "From its inception, Electrocorp's Extensive contract work on government military projects have been the bread and butter of the company's profits. Included in these contracts is the top-secret military droid, code name, "The Exterminator". A number of working prototypes of this dangerous machine were in testing at the time of the Supervisor's takeover, and now it feared that these sophisticated weapons of destruction have been corrupted by the EGO virus, and may even be in mass production. These droids have been designed for the sole purpose of fulfilling a combat role, and are equipped with an advanced CPU learning processor, and specialized software for unarmed combat. They have incredible artificial intelligence and a heavily armored humanoid form; these make them adaptable to nearly any combat situation. Their arms, legs, hands, and feet are crafted of solid, hyper-dense steel, and are wielded and flailed like maces to deliver crushing forceful blows."
  • Rise 2: Resurrection "The War is the only pure combat robot. It has a titanium alloy skeletal chassis with laminated polymer moldings. It is now armed with grenades, but the full extent of the Supervisor's modifications to this model remains unknown."


Rise of the Robots

As its name suggests, the Military droid, also dubbed "Exterminator", is specifically designed for warfare purposes. In appearance, it very much resembles a skeletal form of the ECO35-2 himself, albeit with the addition of razor-sharp metal claws.

Rise 2: Resurrection

It is renamed War is the low-grade, high-number military-class robot of Electrocorp. It trades high agility for low power, with guns as the projectile weapon. Also a flame-wielding Supervisor-modified version of War named Salvo who is a plain green colour.

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