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Suikwan is a character in the Rise of the Robots fighting game series. It is a heavy robots with powerful weapons. Suikwan looks like a samurai, complete with kabuto and great katana. Also a clone version of Suikwan named, Surpressor.


  • Rise 2: Resurrection "This command-class samurai general was created by the Supervisor to issue and enforce her instructions. His info-chips make him an expert in martial arts and combat strategy and tactics. Suikwan is capable only of honorable combat. He is dedicated to the restoration of law and order in the building. Earlier proto-type Suikwans have been known to commit hari-kari (self-destruct) if they have failed in their missions. Perhaps due to his superior CPU intelligence, Suikwan appears to be unaffected by the A-Virus. His combat style employs the devastating use of chi. He projects his internal electrical energy into victims to provoke spontaneous combustion through self-purification."
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