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Sentry is a character in the Rise of the Robots fighting game series. He is the fifth and penultimate enemy encountered in the game.


  • Rise of the Robots "Another combat-specific droid, the bulky Sentry stands an intimidating 3.5 meters tall and represents the next generation of military robotics. Despite their power and awesome weapons carrying ability large combet droids have historically been at a disadventage against smaller droids and human opponents. But the Sentry's high-output central power supply, super-rapid CPU, and all-mode threat sensor hardware have overcome these problems. Despite the Sentry's incredible girth, its case-hardened fiberglass outer shell is sturdy but light, and its dorsal-mounted jet pack enhances the droid's already considerable leaping ability. Quick-thinking threat sensors allow the Sentry to introduce counter sequences to any attack almost instantaneously. Gigantic, alien-countenanced, and blood-red color (for easy recognition in battlefield testing) the Sentry is threatening and dangerous in more than just appearance."
  • Rise 2: Resurrection "The augmented Rook has been retained by the Supervisor to guard her inner sanctum. Little is known about the design save the Supervisor's continued use of these as her elite guard. It appears to be A-Virus immune, and is now able to use its dorsal jet pack in combat, both to maneuver and as a weapon. It remains all but indestructible to anything save the combat elite classes."


Rise of the Robots

Guarding the Supervisor, another combat-specific droid, the bright red Sentry stands an intimidating 3.5 meters tall and represents the next generation in security droids. Although large, it is made of lightweight metal, the colour is red, and equipped with a jet pack for fast manoeuvres.

Rise 2: Resurrection

It is renamed Rook, tall sentry droid can now use its jetpack to improve its agility through the stage and fire plasma bolts. Also, a Bigger version of Rook named Assault, which the colour is yellow.

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