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Rack is a character in the Rise of the Robots fighting game series. He is a clone version of Deadlift. It has humanoid fighters, with a different colours effect which has heat map filters.

He is one of the few characters, debuting in Rise 2: Resurrection as a secret character. To fight Rack, you have to face Deadlift if you can be Perfect Match and then perform an execution.


  • Rise 2: Resurrection "The Deadlift's heat map system modification, discovered by the supervisor as the ultimate infantryman. Rack was originally a symbol of law and order for the new regime governing Metropolis 4. In Rack, the Supervisor secretly found one of the few robots worthy of her; she upgraded him to maintain the ethical cleansing of robots, cyborgs and humans. His reorientation through exposure to the Anarchy Virus causes him to which that he is the only superior life form, and that he must "cleanse" the Electrocorp building of all other robots. He does so by means of his Resonator Scabbard and Cleansing Fire."
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