Projectiles are a type of Special Moves introduced in Rise 2: Resurrection. They are altered versions of other special moves. A character has to use Execution move in order to use a Projectile Move.

Projectiles in Gameplay

At the beginning of the game, each robot possesses at least one projectile attack move, but as you successfully progress, you will be able to locate the CPU of a defeated opponent (by finishing them with your Execution Move), allowing you to use his projectile move. The chips become more prone to malfunction with increased use. Once you gain use of an opponent's projectile, its icon will appear under your Energy Meter.

To use a particular projectile in your arsenal, simply use the controls/moves associated with that projectile. There are six Projectiles chip which is: Flame, I.C.E., Acid, Plasma, F.R.Y. G.U.N.Z..

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