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Builder is a character in the Rise of the Robots fighting game series. It is the second enemy encountered in the game. The gorilla-like Builder droid was developed as the natural successor of the Loader type.


  • Rise of the Robots "The next generation in Electrocorp's industrial utility droids, the BHF03 Builder combines a humanoid form with a primitive neural network CPU. This gives it the ability to mimic more complex heavy assembly tasks, oversee the production line, and assist in the manufacturing process. It was designed with powerful arms and a low center of gravity for balance, making it extremely adaptable to a combat role. Its huge arms can swing in a tremendous arc and land blows with a force of several tons. The top-heavy Builder has ape-like appearance, and leans forward to present the bulk of its upper chassis while protecting its comparatively delicate legs. Its low intelligence forces it into this defensive posture, which can be difficult to penetrate."
  • Rise 2: Resurrection "Reduced in size by the Supervisor, Prime-8 now features far greater agility and is capable of sophisticated combat techniques. The strongest robot, Prime-8's hostility level has increased to manic due to the A-Virus."


Rise of the Robots

It is a much stronger and more versatile robot, designed to perform heavy assembly tasks. Although weak on its legs, the Builder droid is more than up to combat situations with its huge and powerful arms.

Rise 2: Resurrection

It is renamed Prime-8, the gorilla-like builder robot, who uses its huge arms, strong build, shield, and deadly strength, but is slow. Also a military-class version name Griller, who is smaller, faster, and uses flamethrowers.

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