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Naden is a character in the Rise of the Robots fighting game series. She is a clone version of V1-Hyper, which the additional colour is yellow. It shares its form with the original Supervisor's feminine figure, with the addition of a whip-like ponytail and armour. Like V1-Hyper, Naden is unable to change shape.

She is one of the few characters, debuting in Rise 2: Resurrection as a secret character. To fight Naden, you have to face V1-Hyper if you can be Perfect Match and then perform an execution.


  • Rise 2: Resurrection "The modification of V1-Hyper, has a devastating enhanced Supervisor encasement with acid spit, head whip and shoulder armor capabilities. This is the body the Supervisor discovered and upgraded for herself known as Naden, which has different color style, a combination battle suit and post-victory royal robe. It is possible if the Naden body was a copy of V1-Hyper database before the Anarchy Virus hit."
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