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Mayhem is a character in the Rise of the Robots fighting game series. He is a huge robot and unbalanced brown robot with extremely powerful moves and a funky stage on top of a huge electric guitar. It has a dual axe, wears spiked armour and metallic sharp teeth.

He is one of the few characters, debuting in Rise 2: Resurrection as a secret character. To fight Mayhem, you have to face him if you can be undefeatable through all of the characters before you face the Supervisor.


  • Rise 2: Resurrection "Mayhem is a brute robot and unbalanced robot with extremely powerful moves, and which can communicate guitar vocal. It has a dual axe and wears spiked shoulder, leg, thigh, and wrist armour. The body contains oil that spits with, so the Anarchy-Virus have accessed Mayhem's database which mentioned as a "Post apocalyptic" and "War apocalyptic", part of the supervisor's creation and also the second in command."


  • Mayhem is the only robot who always fights at it's stage.
    • It is also Mayhem's stage who plays guitar vocal theme.
  • When defeating Mayhem, it will explode at the end of every round.
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