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Loader is a character in the Rise of the Robots fighting game series. It is the first enemy encountered in the game, and as such is the weakest and least intelligent enemy in the game and thus the easiest to defeat. Its attacks are nonetheless strong.


  • Rise of the Robots "Durable and versatile, the loader Droid was, at the time of its introduction, the cutting edge in all-purpose utility robotics, and it brought Electrocorp its first commercial success. Though primitive compared to BHF03 Builder Droid that superseded it some years ago, the number of Loaders still at work in Electrocorp's main plant is a testament to the quality of their design. The low-slung Loader is agile in spite of its heavy chassis. Its real weakness in combat is its lack of intelligence; programmed only for simple tasks, its simplistic CPU is devoid of any self-defense software. As a result, the Loader must rely on its slow-moving task modification and hazard avoidance programs, which are ill-suited for combat-especially against today's technology. This limits the Loader's ability to effectively wield its massive pallet forks, and impressive strength."
  • Rise 2: Resurrection "Like the previous Electrocorp application model, the Loader can withstand immense physical punishment. It is now outfitted with circuits that render it an electrical predator which craves energy from any source."


Rise of the Robots

Before being infected with the EGO virus the Loader was a simple and durable worker droid, who like the rest of the Loader droids was employed in large quantities to lift and transport parts and equipment around the factory. Having qualities of a forklift truck, the primary weapons of the Loader are its two large fork-arms and most of its moves are stab related. Due to the nature of its function, the Loader has a powerful thrust with its fork arms.

Rise 2: Resurrection

Loader is updated to use its powerful arms to a better extent and wields guns. Also a military-class version of Loader name Lockjaw with weaponry explosives and missiles.

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