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Crusher is a character in the Rise of the Robots fighting game series. It is the third enemy encountered in the game.


  • Rise of the Robots "The Crusher was developed specifically for use as a safety droid within the Electrocorp plant and was never intended for commercial distribution. Though it spends the majority of its time disposing of heavy and toxic industrial waste materials, its primary function is to immobilize and destroy dangerously malfunctioning production droids. It is, simply put, a droid killer, and was designed to outmaneuver and overpower any robot. There is little doubt that the Supervisor has employed these huge insectoid monstrosities against any enemies, robot or otherwise. The Crusher's hi-resolution sensors are linked to a CPU that is not dissimilar from the ECO35-2. Its CPU downloads this information into a robotics design database, thereby quickly identifying its opponent's weak points, allowing the Crusher to waste no time in going for the mechanical jugular of its opponent. Its fragile, bug-like appearance is deceptive, it can readily shrug off jarring physical attacks and counter by pinning a foe with its pincers and then demolishing it with powerful mandibles."
  • Rise 2: Resurrection "A purpose-built robot debilitator, the Crusher is a dismemberment expert. The form of the Crusher confuses the sensory equipment of many combat robots, causing them to underestimate its serious threat. The A-Virus has increased Crusher's hostility and danger levels to kamikaze overload."


Rise of the Robots

The Crusher droid was designed as a robot killer, programmed to immobilize and destroy dangerously-malfunctioning production droids. It is notable for its green, insect-like appearance and large metallic pincers.

Rise 2: Resurrection

Crusher is an insect-like robot with large pincers to crush metal and now wields acid. Also a Supervisor-modified version name Vandal, with a reduced size but improved mobility and circular saws instead of pincers.

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